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Churchill - Capitalism & Socialism

Steve C
10 min readFeb 17, 2020


Sharing quotes and anecdotes from reading a Winston Churchill biography.

Last Spring my wife and I traveled to London for a long-desired and first-time visit vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, visiting the usual sites and squeezing in an overnight trip to Paris.

For me, the highlight of the trip turned out to be the parks in both cities. I wasn’t expecting or planning to enjoy them so much. It was nice how in these big modern-day cities they have preserved the access, pace, and beauty of nature.

One landmark site I did find particularly interesting was Churchill’s WWII war room bunker in London.

I never had too much interest in Churchill nor understood the magnitude of attention and reverence he has in history. I knew he was a significant and key leader. I simply did not know much about him, just that he was the Prime Minister and along with Roosevelt and Stalin helped defeat Nazism.

Upon returning home, I decided to learn more about Churchill and picked up Andrew Roberts’ most recent biography “Walking with Destiny”. It has taken me some time to get through it, reading it in very small bites. It is full of history and amply chronicles as well as colors the life, achievements, and people in the span of Winston Churchill’s life. There is too much to cover and do justice to in a short commentary. However, I did find several quotes and anecdotes revealing and amusing. They give one a glimpse into the character of Churchill.

General Quotes attributed to Winston Churchill:

“When you make some great mistake, he philosophized, it may very easily serve you better than the best-advised decision.”

“Life is a whole, and luck is a whole, and no part of them can be separated from the rest.”

“A man’s life must be nailed to a cross of either Thought or Action.”

“…the strange caprice which strikes one man in his first skirmish and protects another time after time. But I suppose all pitchers will get broken in the end.”

“the temptation to tell a chief in a great position the things he most likes to hear is one of the most commonest explanations of mistaken policy. Thus the…



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